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  • Cynthia August is a Portrait Photographer in Boston.

AirYou know that awesome image of yourself that you held in your heart as a kid? The magic one. Yes, that one. I bet it just came into your head. The one where you were a superhero, or royalty, or a wild untameable spirit. Maybe a wolf. Or a butterfly. Or president. Remember the way it made you feel?

Where is that image now? Did it stay back there in your history, left behind like so many of the things we shed as we become adults, becoming dusty and clouded? Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach in to your soul and grab it back, clean it up and light it up and use it to show the way?

What if I told you that I believe you can, just by having your picture taken?

That vision of yourself is as much a part of you as anything else. And if it hasn’t disappeared, its yours to keep forever. It just might be the very thing you need. Okay, maybe not a *actual* picture of you in a cape fighting crime (although I’m down with that if its where you want to go) – but a photograph that represents all that confidence, optimism joy and power that is in your soul, displayed for the world to see and believe in too.

Sounds good to me.

So let’s take it, okay? That picture. Let’s do it. Relight that lamp. Get your Vision In Focus.



Environmental portrait of Janet and her cats displayed at Darkroom Gallery in Vermont

Environmental portrait of Janet and her cats displayed at Darkroom Gallery in Vermont


I’m pleased to say that one of my portraits has been selected to appear in a juried exhibit on environmental portraiture at Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. This is not the first time I’ve been honored to show at their space; a few years ago a photograph from my piece on farm-to-table was selected for an exhibit on food. Check that picture – with its impossibly blue sky – here.

It is extra pleasing to be chosen for the environmental portraiture exhibit, since so much of my work focuses on just that. I love this image of Janet, someone I have known for a while and have seen in all states of being. Here I captured some of the kinetic magic that she creates just by being in the room.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy! But a terrific honor like this one is worth stopping to be grateful for.

Thanks, Darkroom! Thanks, Janet!

Updating website photographs helps keep the look fresh

Effective website photographs create excitement, grab attention and motivate potential customers. These unique sets of images are ideal for advertising, social media, websites, blogs, etc. They are an essential part of a marketing strategy – a set of high-quality, professional, eye-catching pictures that can be used at a moment’s notice.   From staff portraits, to architectural images, to still life shots, we do it all. When a business changes their storefront, or re-brands, or launches a new website or even a logo, taking new images to support the change is essential.

Website photographs in Boston

Love the motion and color at this lively salon

One of my most recent projects was a web gallery for Kenzo, a hip and sleek hair salon on Boston’s North Shore. Self described as chic and upbeat, it is all that and more – and an action-packed place! I spent a few wild days dodging scissors and blow dryers to document and celebrate their commitment to beauty.

Cynthia August Images Commercial Photography Boston

Literally dodging!

It always helps when your clients are fun, smart and creative. The energy of Kenzo (owned by master stylist Kenneth Romano) is bright and clean, colorful and cutting edge.  Creative direction on the shoots by super-skilled and mega-talented  Anne Damphousse-Feilteau of Stormship  made the pictures simply pop.


But the real magic came afterwards! As I mentioned above, these libraries are absolute gold for image building on websites or social media. The wizards at Stormship took my work and created a wonderful website that is as exciting as walking into the actual salon. Doesn’t this site make you want to have a makeover?

Website photographs for businesses in Boston

Scrolling images are fresh and interesting

A new set of website images is just like a new haircut – it gives you a fresh perspective and energizes the way you present yourself to the world. And makes you…dare I say it…a cut above?






Phoebe and Egg Etsy Feature Shot

Wheeeee! Yup, that’s the sentiment here at the studio this week!

One of our absolute favorite clients, Phoebe&Egg, was an Etsy feature. It was absolutely well-deserved. Gorgeous handmade dolls, soft and sweet and absolutely perfect.

Little Miss Phoebe of Phoebe&Egg

Little Miss Phoebe

I’ve been working on this joyful branding with Lisa, the owner and creator of Phoebe&Egg for a few years now, and it has been a fantastic ride. Lisa is extremely visual and has a real knack for dreaming things into reality – so understanding her was easy from the very start! And on top of that, her ideas are so, so lovely. An added plus has been her love of sewing and materials  – beautiful wool, magic yarns, calico prints, trim, buttons…sigh! When she redesigned her work space I about swooned.

Who wouldn’t want to sew here?


A captivating workspace at Phoebe&Egg


Each doll is lovingly, cheerfully handmade. A purchase is made even more bright and joyful by the magic it creates – not only are little hands encouraged to sew with basic patterns from Lisa, but for every doll purchased, a doll is given to a child in need.

I am honored to document Phoebe&Egg’s journey. I hope you take the time to visit both her website and her Etsy feature!

Congrats, Lisa!

Simple portraits with grace and beauty. It can take some effort to make a photograph look effortless, but when I shoot with a lovely model it is worth all the trouble. I enjoy photography sessions like the one I did recently with Priscilla where we use just what’s around to make a successful group of shots. The weather here in Boston may be a little gray and winter-y, but we still managed to generate warmth and brightness with our photos.

We have a lot of fun on set, but it is still hard work for everyone involved, and getting the picture right is tops on everyone’s list. This time we had a new light on set that I’m still getting to know, and so there were some hairy moments as I tinkered with things. A patient model is a photographer’s blessing. It all worked out well though, and I have to say I like our new toy, even if I do look like Mary Poppins when I try to move it around the studio. Here’s an excellent example of all the elements working together like a charm.


Fashion Photography in Boston Cynthia August

Fashion Photography in Boston Cynthia AugustFashion Photography in Boston Cynthia AugustFashion Photography in Boston Cynthia AugustFashion Photography in Boston Cynthia AugustFashion Photography in Boston Cynthia AugustFashion Photography in Boston Cynthia August
Here’s to a wonderful, exciting, prosperous 2016. I can’t wait to get started!