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  • Cynthia August is a Portrait Photographer in Boston.

A Wintery Valentine

Here in Boston, we’ve had more than the usual amount of snow. The pile outside my door is easily 5 and a half feet and growing. The plow guy comes around daily. I can’t remember what a sidewalk looks like. My daily outfit consists of snow pants.

Never the less, we managed to create a little snowy fantasy for you all last weekend. Using my friend and client Lisa Cantalupo’s designs, and two wonderful and well matched models we both adore, Lisa and I came up with this “Hunt of the Heart” (Working title – I’m lousy at naming things!). We love it. Hope you do too.

Look for a longer note about the shoot day later. For now, just enjoy our story.


WinterSSA_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_004WinterSSF_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_031WinterSSD_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_017WinterSSC_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_014WinterSSE_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_028 WinterSSG_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_037WinterSSH_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_051WinterSSJ_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_068WinterSSL_CynthiaAugustImages_2015_072

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  • aaron t - I’m loving these awesome pics here. I like the concept of man and woman working together as one against the elements.ReplyCancel

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