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About Cynthia August, Portrait Photographer and Ball of Positivity

Portrait Photographer in Boston. Ball of Positivity Everywhere.

Cynthia August Boston Portrait Photographer

(Who am I kidding. I know I was thinking about lunch here.)

My inspiration as a portrait photographer has its roots in an ancient story structure. I’m obsessed with the hero’s journey, both in myth and reality. The portraits I take explore the place where our inspiration and determination meets our ultimate purpose. It doesn’t matter if the photograph is for personal branding, advertising or art. The spiritual image of the person, their path and their passion is always the most important and compelling part, and the way into creating the best photographic representation. I came to this calling later in life, after decades of storytelling for theatre and film, and that shows up again and again in my work – from choosing locations and clothing that is descriptive, to working with my subject on their motivation and engagement of the camera. There’s drama even in the everyday if your life lights you up. Getting to see other people’s light is a tremendous gift. I have a lot of gratitude.

Here’s an article about me and portrait photography. There’s pictures too. Check it out.

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If that’s not enough of me talking about portrait photography, just drop me a note.

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