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  • Cynthia August is a Portrait Photographer in Boston.

Business Photographs with Soul

I have a little sign on my desk that I love. Here’s a photograph of it:


(It is also a photograph of my Lensball – if you don’t have one, get one! Seriously, coolest thing.)

I wrote it many years ago right after a terrific portrait session, and it has remained forever true. I really do love taking pictures for the people I work for, documenting their passionate pursuit of their work, the way they believe in what they do, and their commitment to giving. They light up when talking about their goals, and I love helping them show the world their strengths.

That’s why I had such a blast visiting one of my most inspiring clients, Lisa Cantalupo, in her New Hampshire studio last month in order to photograph her story for Boston Voyager magazine.

Lisa in her studio

Lisa’s Article in Boston Voyager

Lisa, in a word, is cool. Not in that trendy, hip, flash-in-the-pan way (although she does make pretty big splashes with her designs), but as a designer who has been tirelessly honing her craft for years and has never rested on her laurels. Her leatherwork is intricate, of the highest quality and perpetually stylish. Her spirit is unflappable and positive but pragmatic. And she’s a survivor. I won’t re-write the Boston Voyager article, you can read that for yourself, but if I had to sum things up I would say that the road has been challenging, as it is for many entrepreneurs who are also single parents. Lisa has maintained a commitment to her family AND her work that is really inspiring. And it has paid off.

Hanging with Lisa is always fun, too – and that is definitely a part of why she’s successful. Her happy energy immediately gets you into a comfortable place – with your life, yourself – so much so that you find yourself looking at one of her gorgeous and daring pieces and envisioning yourself in it. Then you try it, and what can I say? Magic. So spending a day roaming around her workspace with camera in hand, both of us laughing and even talking about the down and dirty aspects of making a go of a business in a buoyant manner was truly nourishing.

Witnessing the energy that makes a business successful and then capturing its essence in photographs is the heart of what I do. I shoot what I see. (The filters that exist on the images come from the spirit of the business, not Instagram, thank you very much!) Here are some of the images from our day.



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  • Lisa Cantalupo - Dang it woman! You have me in tears – yet again! I so do appreciate and adore you! Everyone should be so lucky to have you as a friend. Thank God they can hire you! Really. SERIOUSLY! they should… Be tearing down what they have to in order to be on the other side of your lens. Worth every second and every dollar. Love you!ReplyCancel

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