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  • Cynthia August is a Portrait Photographer in Boston.

Digging a Photoshoot for Artisanal Works

I love when people refer to their home as their ‘digs’. For me, it brings up visions of snuggling down into a nest of warm comfortable blankets, or burrowing into the couch with a loved one, or even literally digging into a big bowl of popcorn. As safe, and comfortable, and as beautifully well-appointed as it gets. The whole visual picture is a photographer’s dream.

Enter my time taking photographs of KT Digs, a creative partnership between delightfully eclectic artists Kate Luchini and Tim Hansen. Inside their sunny and cheerful creative space in Lynn, MA at the Lydia Pinkham Studios, Kate and Tim dream up and produce gorgeous enamels, leather, jewelry, prints, interior designs and even indoor gardens if you are feeling confident about your green thumb. Bright and witty, the positive energy they create in conversation is completely infused into their work for home, fashion and design.

Take their enamels, for instance. Borrowing from nature’s palette, the day I visited revealed pieces of elegant birch bark, and dishes that had every delicate nuance that real mother-of-pearl possesses – to the point that I honestly thought they had found a large piece of it washed up on the beach somewhere. Well-toned whites with bronze, copper or gold, saturated hues chosen with a real understanding of nature’s color at its richest. Every single combination inspiring ‘I must have it’ levels of visceral response. Really. Hard to photograph when you just want to wear half and decorate your home with the other half.

I’m such a fan of artistic collaborations, and talking to Kate and Tim makes it clear that this is one for the books. They bring individual inspirations and life experiences that are exciting even in description – from Kate’s traditional blacksmithing training and stint in Santa Fe, to Tim’s connections to Cambodia and his California vibe. The pictures on their walls, the sketches in books (top secret), and the strong brand identity speak of the way it all falls together, beautifully.

Their work inspires me. I was so pleased to shoot a few photographs of their world for another article in PLACE in the Making. Please check them out yourselves at or at the Pinkham Building during an Open Studio Weekend:

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