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  • Cynthia August is a Portrait Photographer in Boston.

Fresh and New

Dancers in the Grand Ballroom, 2011
Dancers in the Grand Ballroom, 2011

Its the first few weeks of the new year; the first gentle blanket of snow falls and the air finally turns cold.

Winter is a well-deserved break for the earth, a time to rest and recharge, reflect on the months past and prepare for what lies ahead.

I usually take some time during January to review the previous year’s work and set new goals. It is a lot of fun to go back over all the images and look at them with a little distance. I often notice new details or see a picture in a completely different way. The picture above is a good example. We worked hard to get all the elements in place for this deliberately soft shot, and I was happy with it then, but now, I love it.

I wish you all a fresh new perspective or two in the coming weeks.

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