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Mom, stop ruining my brand!

I just bought some new notecards that I am going to use for the holidays. They are from Sapling Press:

Sapling Press on Etsy – bringing real to the table. Thanks.

It’s funny because it’s true.

Okay, maybe not literally true (unless your Mom is currently sabotaging your business feed with questions about Sunday dinner and Why Aren’t You Married Yet, in which case…wow dude, sorry.)

I mean true in the sense that it can be really hard to curate your marketing¬† – social media, website, blog, emailers, events, correspondence – to conform to your brand strategy. Sure, not everyone cares about a high level of brand coherence, and in some cases it isn’t really necessary – not every business is well-served with a extended presence.¬† But more and more businesses of all types are embracing multiple methods to inform customers, build familiarity and gain trust. This comes with challenges, like making sure your content is published regularly, for example, or dealing with things that might not fall under your brand umbrella but still end up associated with you…like a comment from your Mom.

What’s important to remember is the difference between coherence and consistency. Coherence means you have a set of ideals that drives the heart of your product and is expressed by aligning your storytelling, your visuals, your consumer experience, your events – everything that makes your company what it is – along those ideals. Consistency is a lesser animal in this case, it means keeping things the same, instead of embracing change with your strong, well-defined outlook.

When your business has coherence instead of consistency, it is structured – which allows you to determine what fits with your brand strategy and what doesn’t. With a strong foundation to move from, you have the power to take action in any situation, confident that you have done so in a manner that makes sense to the people who know, like and trust your business. Instead of a monolithic, stagnant business, you are a living, breathing, responsive entity that believes in its mission, and shows it through coherent, well-branded content.

With that kind of reliable structure, you can handle pretty much anything that comes your way without missing a beat. And maybe even make those Mom comments an asset instead of a liability.

Thanks, Mom.


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