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  • Cynthia August is a Portrait Photographer in Boston.

Portraits of the Soul

AirYou know that awesome image of yourself that you held in your heart as a kid? The magic one. Yes, that one. I bet it just came into your head. The one where you were a superhero, or royalty, or a wild untameable spirit. Maybe a wolf. Or a butterfly. Or president. Remember the way it made you feel?

Where is that image now? Did it stay back there in your history, left behind like so many of the things we shed as we become adults, becoming dusty and clouded? Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach in to your soul and grab it back, clean it up and light it up and use it to show the way?

What if I told you that I believe you can, just by having your picture taken?

That vision of yourself is as much a part of you as anything else. And if it hasn’t disappeared, its yours to keep forever. It just might be the very thing you need. Okay, maybe not a *actual* picture of you in a cape fighting crime (although I’m down with that if its where you want to go) – but a photograph that represents all that confidence, optimism joy and power that is in your soul, displayed for the world to see and believe in too.

Sounds good to me.

So let’s take it, okay? That picture. Let’s do it. Relight that lamp. Get your Vision In Focus.



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