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Cynthia August is a Commercial Photographer Specializing in Portraits, Websites, Product Lifestyle & Conceptual Photography in Wenham, MA

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Cynthia August is a portrait photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her photography subjects represent some of the most creative and influential business owners, artists and craftsmen in New England. She specializes in natural light environmental portraits, editorial, and advertising photography. Her studio is located on Boston’s North Shore near Wenham, MA, but her clients reach from New York to New Hampshire, Maine, and beyond.

Business Portraits on Location in Wenham

The best photographs are made, not taken. I am dedicated to helping my clients create a strong branding, marketing and advertising gallery of photographs that are true to their business’ spirit, speak clearly to their company’s mission statement and show the face of the people who embody the vision and create the environment in which the excellent work is done.

I believe that truthful shooting makes marketing and advertising photos that are outstanding and full of life, persuasive and extremely useful tools for attracting and gaining the confidence of the perfect clients and customers at the best and highest price point. What you see, is what you get – excellence, dedication, accessibility, confidence, and capability. All visible in one perfect photograph.

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Massachusetts Commercial Photographer

I’m a visual story teller. As a commercial portrait photographer, I work with businesses, art buyers, editors, designers, marketers and start-ups to create images and campaigns that tell stories through people, and their personal connection to their products and services. Friendly, fun and creative, I collaborate with clients to conceptualize, style and produce exceptional visual content for web, social, print, and video. There is selling power in the story, and my clients and their customers are the heroes of the narrative.

My theatrical designer foundation defines my creative and conceptual approach to my portrait and product photography. Working with creative directors and art buyers is second nature as I am a collaborative artist to the core. Whether the project is a website, an editorial feature, a branding portfolio or content for advertising, social media or marketing campaign, my photographs get to the heart of the story and celebrate its most evocative and influential elements.

If your Wenham business, article, campaign or website needs compelling, authentic, energized portraits, slice-of-life company climate photographs, and environmental product imagery, I’d love to hear about it – please get in touch!

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Great Website Photographs Can Transform Your Wenham Business

Effective website photographs create excitement, grab attention and motivate potential customers. These unique sets of images – portraits, products, lifestyle images, candids and editorial photographs are ideal for advertising, social media, websites, blogs, etc. They are an essential part of a marketing strategy – a set of high-quality, professional, eye-catching pictures that can be used at a moment’s notice. From staff portraits, to architectural images, to still life shots, we do it all. When a business changes their storefront, or re-brands, or launches a new website or even a logo, taking new images to support the change is essential.

Wenham Product Photography

Product photography is a special art that is an essential piece in a successful business website’s composition. People, their products, and their services must be creatively and authentically represented to show their excellence in order to attract customers.

But having a great product is only half of the challenge – once you have that fantastic business, how do you get the message out there to potential clients and customers? And not just visible, but seen the way you want to be seen in order to get the right clients at the right price point?
That’s where great product and business photography comes in. And that’s what I provide!

Give me a call at (978) 998-2228 or email so we can setup a time to discuss your upcoming photography project or event.

Services Available

Whether you need headshots, website photos, product, editorial or advertising photography in the Wenham area, I can help. Here is a taste of the services I help my Wenham clients with every day:

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Cynthia is great to work with and has a beautiful eye for photo composition. She has created beautiful photos of product for my business website and promotional material I’ve received many compliments on Cynthia’s photos- they have helped to grow my business and help to create the brand look for my business. Thanks Cynthia!
– Sandra Venus

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