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  • Cynthia August is a Portrait Photographer in Boston.

See you in…November

I love the seasons with a passion that only a New Englander can have – since we get all four in spades. And I love them as a photographer too. Each holds some unique and challenging photo opportunity, both from a technical standpoint and an emotional one. And while most shoots are dictated by when the final product is needed, it is so lovely to occasionally be able to say “Let’s wait until Fall”, my go-to season for drama and beauty.

Its perfect timing right around now, when the leaves are at their peak, because I start to get a little photographically antsy anyway. All that beauty is too hard to resist – so much color, and the low angle, the warm light, the frost creeping ever closer, reminding me of the long stark days coming soon…

Oh, talk about that light. No longer the strong sunshine of Summer, but not yet the thin, cold, fragile light of Winter, the light is at a lower angle in the sky. It starts to fade earlier at night and show up later in the morning. There is a rich quality that is amplified by all the leaves still clinging to the trees, but instead of adding the green they held all summer long to my compositions, they add golds, reds, yellows, copper. Skin looks warm and healthy. The backgrounds are patchwork magic. It feels abundant and full of comfort.

I’m also a big believer in how the atmosphere of a shoot affects the outcome of the photo. There is a wildness to the Fall, the scale and suddenness of the changes, the uptick in wind, animals leaving, a sort of au revoir that causes us to make sure things do not go unsaid, that feelings building all summer long are revealed, and lifetime secrets told before the deepwinter freeze holds our hearts and minds still for months. Some of my most beautiful and intuitive images come from this time.

Sure, not all of my images have this sort of depth. But many do. And I consider myself fortunate when the opportunity arises, and we get to take magical pictures, meeting the season in all of its wonder and powerful change.

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